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NAISA General Call for Submissions

2013 Call For Submissions: UNDO / REDO

Deadline November 15, 2013
Categories: Transmission Art/Radio Art, Electroacoustic Music/Sound Art,
Interactive Installation Art, Locative Media, NAISA Artist Residency

Submission Form

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme UNDO / REDO for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art's 2014 programming in Toronto, Canada.

Errors in judgement, actions you'd rather not have made; or conversely that perfect moment you'd like to relive, or a future you'd like built from the foundation of past successes. What if you could apply a simple editing function to your life? What if with the magic of digital technology you are enabled to undo or redo an action or group of actions? What would that sound like?

Preference in programming will be given to works that respond in some way to the theme UNDO / REDO: revisiting the past and/or changing the future. Individual interpretations or variations on the theme are encouraged, but should be realized with sound as the primary component. NAISA would also like to encourage artists to submit works on the theme UNDO / REDO for performance, gallery exhibit, screening, webcast or audio stream, radio broadcast, network or translocal performance, mobile experiences and any other emerging formats that include sound as a primary element.

Programming contexts include the long established festivals Deep Wireless and Sound Travels along with NAISA’s other annual events. Visit the other sections in this site to explore NAISA's programming activity.

Please complete in full the submission information and upload your audio using this online submission form by midnight on November 15, 2013. Note: there is a $5 submission fee in order to defray the cost of processing the submissions. All works programmed by NAISA will receive an artist fee with the exception of works broadcast on NAISA Radio.

Artists may submit more than one work for consideration in any of the following categories: (Note: please fill out one on-line submission for each work entry):
Transmission Art / Radio Art

Sound Art / Electroacoustic Music

Interactive Installation Art

Locative Media

For those wishing to be included in the NAISA Artist Residency, please click the appropriate box within the Transmission/Radio Art OR Sound Art / Electroacoustic Music submission.

1) Transmission Art / Radio Art

This category is for works that use wireless transmission and other broadcast media as the focal point of their content or form. NAISA will consider works for presentation in installation, performance, fixed media, radio broadcast and internet broadcast contexts for the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art and other NAISA presentations. NAISA encourages 1 minute radio art pieces for broadcast as well as works that explore translocal and network possibilities. Longer-form works will also be accepted.

Both Canadian and International radio art submissions will be considered for inclusion in the following:
- The Deep Wireless 10 on-line radio art compilation
-The Radio Art Interventions (1 minute pieces played guerilla-style on radio and web-radio stations during the Deep Wireless festival)- Performance or presentation at concerts. Works presented in performance are encouraged to use the NAISA spatialization system. Artists may also apply to be included in one of four NAISA Artist residencies (NAISA Artist Residency below).

Note: from the submissions, NAISA will select a small number of Canadian artists to send NAISA proposals for works to be included on CBC Radio’s Living Out Loud.

2) Sound Art / Electroacoustic Music

This category is for multi-channel and stereo works conceived for concert performance or presentation. Works would be considered for presentation in installation, performance, fixed media, and internet broadcast contexts for the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art and other NAISA presentations. Works presented in performance are encouraged to use the NAISA spatialization system. Artists may also apply to be included in one of four NAISA Artist residencies (NAISA Artist Residency below).).

3) Interactive Sound Installation

Installation proposals of previously realized works for site-specific and gallery installations will be considered for presentation at the NAISA Space. Works can use multichannel or single channel playback and may incorporate any number of media, but must feature original sound as a primary element.

Preference will be given to interactive works that appeal to all ages and that fit in a 20 ft x 16 ft (or 6 m x 5 m) black space. Please note that the NAISA space is a multi-use venue which often requires that works be moved and re-positioned on non-exhibition days. Also attach a list of the necessary equipment required to mount the installation and which of these items can be supplied by the artist. Submissions should include audio, video or audio-video documentation of previously realized versions of the work.

4) Locative Media

“Locative Media uses portable, networked, location aware computing devices for user-led mapping, social networking and artistic interventions in which geographical space becomes its canvas.” (Locative Dystopia 2, Drew Hemment) For works submitted in this category NAISA encourages artists to consider the artistic possibilities of locative media with sound as the primary element. Works will be considered for presentation in installation, performance, internet and mobile media in all of NAISA's programming.

NAISA Artist Residency

NAISA’s spatialization system is a unique 16-channel performance system for spatialization that combines real-time gestural control with automated spatialization and also the manual manipulation of ultra-directional loudspeakers. If you would like to apply work with NAISA’s technical staff for one-week in order to adapt your radio art, sound art or ea work to NAISA’s unique spatialization system, click on the appropriate box on the application. Note NAISA will be awarding four artists with this residency opportunity. Each residency will include a small stipend, access to NAISA’s spatialization system for a one-week period, mentoring with NAISA’s technical staff and an honoriarium once the work is presented. Travel will be the responsibility of the artists. However, NAISA will provide letters of support as needed. Once the residency has been completed, the artist’s work will be included in a Toronto Artist Salon and programmed again later in the year in one of NAISA’s concerts.

Submission Guidelines

Submission materials can be sent online or by post. For surface mail, please send (postmarked November 15, 2013) to:

New Adventures in Sound Art
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street #252
Toronto, ON
M6G 4C7