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Noise, Audition, Aurality
Histories of the Sonic World(s) of Europe,
circa 1500-1945

Pour ceux qui seraient tentés de se lancer dans un vaste chantier de publication historique, voici de quoi à réveiller des neurones engourdies de siestes estivales...
Contribution à destination des anglophones.

http://longstreet.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83542d51e69e20115706646ee970c-500wiContributions are invited for a proposed collection of essays exploring the
soundscapes of Europe from c.1500 to 1945. The collection seeks to develop
existing and open up new areas of interdisciplinary scholarship from a range of
fields including (but not limited to) musicology, urban geography, history, the
history of architecture, literary studies, cultural studies, psychoanalysis,
psychology and anthropology, and will build on existing work in acoustic
ecology, the sociology of noise and histories and historiographies of noise,

audition and aurality. We will favour contributions that deal with historically-

informed topics in the following areas (although this is by no means an
exclusive list):

*       The noise-sound-music nexus
*       Urban/rural soundscapes
*       Public/private soundscapes
*       The acoustic ecology of communities
*       Legal histories of noise
*       Noise, music and the body
*       Listening and the erotic
*       Political economies of noise
*       Noise, music and landscape
*       Theories of hearing and listening
*       Historical acousmêtres
*       Historiographies of noise, audition and aurality
*       Technologies of sound reproduction and their histories


Prospective contributors should send a 250-word abstract and a short
biography to Ian Biddle (i.d.biddle@ncl.ac.uk) by no later than November 30,

If your contribution is chosen, we will require your finished chapter by April 19,

If you have any queries please also contact Ian Biddle at the email address

Dr Ian Biddle and Dr Kirsten Gibson (both Newcastle University, UK)