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Dear electroacoustic explorer,
I thought of you to participate 
to a collective radio art event 
I'm curating in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia:

I propose the collective project RADIOPHONY : HAUNTED AIR

which will take place at a certain date between  the 30/05 /2013 and the 30/ 06/2013 

at CAST Gallery


and Edge Radio


and few radios in Europe and America 

which broadcasted the Radiophonic Creation Day (http://www.shakerattleroll.org/).


Short stereo/mono sound pieces (+/- 5 minutes) will be broadcasted in the CAST gallery and the radios at the same time.

The listener can bring his own radio, and share this moment in a comfortable, quiet and dark gallery in Hobart, 

set up for this occasion with multispeakers, pillows and bean bags.

This RADIOPHONY : HAUNTED AIR will be invited by a larger project, curated by Nancy Mauro-flude (http://sister0.org/) and Pip Stafford http://www.artabase.net/artist/365-pip-stafford) :

Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circles. 




holistic code, programmed divination, bricoleur computing, digital folklore, black mirror space, ritual access, emergent technology, stitch & bitch, experience prototyping & fembots, talisman app-cessory, participatory culture, sustainable magic, enchanting backdoor thresholds, kinetic imagination, portholes & gateways, non-colonised wild spaces, sensors, computational powers and actuators. 


Tactical Magick will present artists and educators whose work deals with and responds to the emergent conditions of a networked world, a realm increasingly transmitted through media and code. With a holistic approach to digital culture the artistic works, performances and workshops presented will use various means to tackle the theme of systems that enable experiences in our interconnected beings; while reflecting on the societal and cultural changes brought about by coded Internet culture (knowing that ancient modes of connectivity always already existed). Artists’ will creatively use networks, sentient objects, wearable computing and summon remote presences from other places and times. The public is encouraged to participate actively and is invited to engage with the new approaches that these artists, theorists, programmers use, with regard to new skills and experiences in perception. The event both encourages reflection on the notion of excellence in an emergent artistic field and focuses on aspects of enabling the 'uninitiated’ into software culture, from an experiential, collaborative and playful perspective. 

If you are interested in (no money but good visibility in an australian gallery), 

please let me know as soon as possible 

the title, duration and conditions of your sound piece and 

send me some links of yours so I can prepare this event properly.


(By Julia Drouin)