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A call for Sound Installation works that some of you may find of interest. 

Details on the Live!iXem Call 2011, and how to submit are:

. at this link

. on this downloadable PDF in english or PDF in italian




Call for Proposals - Sound Installations in

Ex Stabilimento Florio della Tonnare di Favignana e Formica

Favignana Island Italy


AntiTesiin collaboration withthe Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Trapani,, is announcing a Call for Proposals for Sound installations to present at Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di Favignana e Formica in Favignana island.

This call is connected to the Eighth edition of the Live!IXem Festivalof music, sound and electronic arts. 

The aim is to highlight the works of those artists who, involved in an experimental and creative exploration, use sound, integrating it with electronic audio-visual and digital design for Art installations in specific sites. 

Another aim is to witness the new aesthetic in contemporary art through a new way to conceive and carry out works within (or outside) of architectural spaces. 

In this regard, the spaces that will host this could not be more appropriate: the former Florio Tuna factory on the island of Favignana in Sicily, the largest of the Mediterranean, which takes its name from a family of entrepreneurs that at the beginning of the twentieth century was the great protagonist in Sicily, the Belle Epoque. The ancient structure located in the largest of the Egadi islands, were obtained after the recent restoration of museum space, a conference room with 400 seats and a guest room. 


To make this call even stronger there will be a collaboration between Live!iXem and OpenSounda platform that brings together seven European partners to create a project for cooperation and exchange that puts the sound in the middle of a series of outreach and artistic initiatives. 


Open Sound is in fact a Grundtvig project for mobility and partnership in the training supported by the EU through through the agency LLP - Life Long Learning Programme. Thanks to this partnership, Sicily will be the first venue where the festival will converge with some of the major representatives linked to the European art scene and musical sound research. During the festival, workshops will be conducted by some of the guest artists (the access to workshops is free of charge): this will contribute to become familiar with the locations of the former Florio Tuna factory on the island of Favignana.




We encourage proposals for site specific Sound Installations that will have to be set up in one of the locations of the Ex Stabilimento Florio della Tonnare di Favignana e Formica in Favignana Island Italy.

Subscription and participation to the call are free of charge.

It will be necessary to explore the locations through specific preparatory visits during Live!iXem Festival 2011, from 8 to 11 december 2011.


Suggested topics for presentations include, but are not limited to:


Best practices in Sound and architecture

Techniques used for Sound/Art Installation

Sound and environment/Sound ecology

Site specific

Software & network management

History & aesthetic theory of Sound Art/Installation

Teaching & pedagogical strategies

Hardware (audio, interface, computers, loudspeakers)

Software environments & frameworks

Artists/Composers’ perspectives on their own works


For more information and instructions for submissions, please refer to the website, ordownload Call in PDF in english or PDF in italian

Email contact: info@antitesi.org

The deadline for submission is February 26, 2012, but preliminary and preparatory visits will take place btw 8-11 dec 2011.