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Norwegian Museum of Science,

Technology and Medicine,

29 mai - 21 août 2011





  • Akousmaflore (2006)

  • http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/8_8_akousmaflore_scenocosme_1.png?1304847513 by Scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt)This interactive installation is a small garden composed of living musical plants, which react individually to human gestures and to gentle contact by producing a specific sound.


  • Auditory Augmentation at your Fingertips (2010)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/12_12_AuditoryAugmentation_.png?1304848371by René Tünnermann, Till Bovermann & Thomas HermannThe auditory characteristic of a computer keyboard is altered according to the weather situation outside.



  • Aura : The stuff that forms around you (2007)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/13_13_Aura.png?1304848406by Steve SymonsWalk around town with this GPS-enabled "aura'" backpack and headphones to experience a unique sound world - but be aware that you destroy the world as you listen to it, in fact you hear the degraded landscape created by other users' walks.


  • Crush-2 (2011)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/17_17_crush2_1.png?1304848548by Natasha Barrett & Karen Mair

    Crush is an interactive sound-art installation exploring the microscopic forces released during the process of crushing rock.



  • KII - Voicetopological Interface (2007)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/34_34_KII_1.png?1304849349by Michael Markert

    The audiences' hands form specific gestures that imitate the opening of the mouth while speaking, and these are translated into a kind of voice.



  • MindBox (2010)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/19_19_MindBox_1.png?1304848719by Christian Graupner, Roberto Zappalà, N. Schnell & N. Peters

    The audience operates the levers and buttons of a modified one-armed-bandit and thereby remixes the pre-recorded music-video of a beatboxer that is displayed on three large screens and by speakers above the machine.


  • Random Access Lattice (2011)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/38_Random_Access_Lattice.png?1306574268by Gerhard Eckel

    Using a hand-held device with speaker, the audience in this installation interactively explores a virtual sonic sculpture constructed from speech recordings, arranged in a three‐ dimensional lattice structure.



  • Sonic Helmet (2008)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/6_6_SonicHelmet1.png?1304848184by Satoshi Morita

    Wearing this helmet allows you to experience 3-D sound in two ways at once: by listening to the sounds with your ears, and by feeling vibrotactile stimulations that are mediated through your scull.


  • SonicChair (2008)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/22_22_SonicChair_1.png?1304848911by Thomas Hermann & Risto Koiva

    This interactive office chair gives auditory feedback that encourages users to be more dynamic on their chair, for instance to avoid back problems from a overly static working style.


  • Swinging Suitcase (2010)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/26_26_SwingSuit_2.png?1304849063by Jessica Thompson

    This is a portable sound piece that generates and broadcasts the sound of a flock of house sparrows in response to the act of swinging.


  • The Movement I-X (2011)

    http://sid.bek.no/media/works/additional/photos/medium/37_37_Movement_1.png?1304849452by Espen Sommer Eide

    This audio-visual iPad app is a commissioned work for this exhibition that focusses on gestural interaction.


  • Thicket (2010)

    by Joshue Ott & Morgan Packard

    By drawing on the iPad screen with your fingers, you create dense sonic and visual patterns within a space of warm, bright, rhythmic sound design and constantly evolving, bending, elegant scrawls.