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The sonic environment is an indicator for the quality of life


One crucial aspect, however, remains open and leads to a multitude of questions: Is this, what our hearing is exposed to, satisfying and enhancing our individual, social, functional, biological, economical, aesthetic and existential needs and endeavors? If not, which concepts exist to “orchestrate” everyday life’s cacophony? Which methods exist to successfully evaluate the quality of soundscapes? Which criteria and values have to be developed, which practical constraints and habits to be dismissed in order to design the everyday as a “Hörenswürdigkeit”, which means: as something worth listening to?



How to improve the Global Composition to make the world more liveable?


Within this process: What role does media play and relation to its commodification of sound? Are there valid approaches to or even successful examples of shaping the soundscape in ways that are beneficial or at least acceptable for a majority? Are there strategies for overcoming the societal, political and economic hindrances that inhibit the inclusion of auditory considerations in the making of a sustainable society? What is the role of art in developing paradigms for auditory solutions applied to our living environments?



How to foster listening abilities within the concert of the senses?


Last but not least, what educational concepts and methods exist for integrating listening abilities into the concert of the senses, and develop auditory faculties as important tools for understanding, criticizing, shaping and designing the global environment? More infos on keynote speakers, conference fees and organisational details will be announced soon.



Important: Deadline for submissions extended until March 30, 2012!!


For submitting a proposal, please fill out the appropriate form

submission form for artistic contribution

submission form for scientific / scholarly contribution

and send it until March 1, 2012 to the following e-mail adress: fabienne.rudolph@stud.h-da.de 


You are invited to submit your scholarly, scientific and/or artistic proposals on sound related topics and issues.


Deadline for submission: March 30, 2012

Notification: April 20, 2012

Papers ready and submitted by: June 26, 2012


All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by the conference’s committees.

Proposals are invited for papers/posters, workshops, roundtable discussions, applied and artistic contributions, relating, but not limited to the conference’s main topics. (Please, load down the appropriate form from this page and fill it out.)


Suggested topics are:



the idea of a collaborative and sustainable macro-soundscape or global composition


sound design/soundscape design/soundscape creation


influencing environmental sound – environmental sounds’ influences


methods of perceiving/analyzing/creating/reconstructing soundscapes


the role of technology and media in enhancing/obstructing sound(scape) awareness and critical listening


(media) ecological approaches as the basis for listening cultures


pedagogical aspects of listening 


media aesthetic/media cultural education


recent research on environmental sound, acoustic ecology and related issues



We are also interested in intermedia and transdisciplinary approaches, which a strong focus on sound.

Please, send your abstracts for papers/posters, workshops, roundtable discussions etc. & proposals for compositions or other artistic contributions until March 30, 2012.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by the conference’s committees.

For the conference proceedings the finalized papers should be submitted by June 26, 2012.


Confirmed keynote presenters: 

Bill Fontana

(sound artist and William and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professor SAIC)

Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä

(professor of Cultural Studies, University of Eastern Finland/Joensuu)

R. Murray Schafer

(pedagogue, composer, scholar, Indian River/Canada)

Hildegard Westerkamp

composer, pedagogue, Vancouver/Canada)



Further major presenters include:

Trevor Isaac

(U’mista Cultural Society, Namgis Nation/Canada, tbc)

Nicholas Mathieu

(Secretary general UNESCO Commission Switzerland, tbc)



Providing a specially positioned “Next Generation”-thread, the conference is very interested, to create a forum for young scholars, scientists, artists as well as for students, and encourages them to send in their proposals. 

Another focus is currently emerging around the topic of listening and its relationshio to media aesthetic eduction.

Please note, that our venue is situated not far from Frankfurt airport in beautiful historic surroundings, providing not only the productive frame for an interesting conference, but also attractive landscapes, very good wine, culinary highlights, therefore good conditions for exchange and conviviality. All this makes, too, a central starting point for your summerbreak, be it locally, nationally or internationally.



We hope to welcome you in summer on our Media Campus Dieburg.